Thursday, October 28, 2010

Free Magic Tricks

The going might be a little rough to begin with as you come across anything and everything to do with magic tricks online, but with a little patience and a little judicious trawling, you should be able to come up with a site or two (or three or ten!), which gives you information and instructions on a great many different magic tricks.

You will be able to find not only free magic tricks online which deal with coins, and cards, but also those magic tricks which deals with disappearing acts, rope tricks, illusions, escape tricks and more.

Of course, if you are only just beginning, you will first want to try some of the easier free magic tricks online which you find. These can help you to get a good start on your magic trick repertoire. From there you will then be able to move on to the more difficult magic tricks.

As you go through the different sites, you will see that you do not only come across free magic tricks online. You will also come across magic online stores. From these places you will be able to buy some of the many props which you need to perform your magic.

Do be careful however not to get scammed by people saying they are giving away free magic tricks online. You can get free magic tricks online, you just need to be careful of the source. If the tricks aren't available up front, then you might want to be careful as you could end up paying for your "free" magic tricks.

If you find that some of the easiest magic trick descriptions and instructions aren't free, then leave that site unless you really want to pay for something that is essentially, free. There are more than enough web sites these days that supplies free magic tricks online for the interested person.

Other than that, you can be assured of finding some of the most simple free magic tricks online which you can learn from. These will more than likely be displayed so that you can lay your hands on them immediately. All you need to do is to get your hands on them, get the props needed and practice your heart out. You will then be able to display your skill as a magician to an audience!

On the subject of free magic tricks, these can be found in various places, but if you want to keep the "free" part of the free magic tricks, then your best bet is looking through the internet for what you want. You will be able to find many free magic tricks online.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to Learn Magic Tricks - A Guide For the New Magician

or someone new to magic, the first question that pops up is often, "Where can I learn new magic tricks?"  There is an endless amount of resources to help you learn magic tricks.  You can learn them in the library, on the internet, on television shows, and DVDs.  In fact, there is so much information out there that it is easy to get caught up in reading about every magic trick there is, instead of actually practicing and mastering the tricks that they are reading about.  Every time you find a trick that you find interesting, practice it until you have it completely mastered.  This way you are learning tricks as you go and you do not just become completely overwhelmed with all of the information you are taking in.

In my opinion, when trying to figure out how to learn magic tricks, the best resource out there is the internet.  There is a vast amount of information on the internet.  You can read about the history of magic all the way up to the most current tricks that are being pulled off by famous street magicians such as David Blaine.  You can find free tricks, most of which are very simple.  You can purchase instructional videos and ebooks online with very advanced tricks in them.  It doesn't matter how much of a novice you are or how much of an expert you are, there is plenty to be learned about on the internet regarding magic.  YouTube is a great source for watching and learning magic tricks.  Many popular magicians have videos of some of their tricks on YouTube.  Some even have tutorials that show you exactly how to do their tricks.  You should definitely check out YouTube for a vast amount of material related to magic.

At this day and age, believe it or not, the library is still a very strong reference point regarding magic.  Some libraries even allow members to rent out instructional DVDs about magic.  For those interested in the history of magic, the public library is as good of a place as any to find all the literature that you crave.  The best part about using the library as a resource for learning about magic, is that it is completely free.

All most all fans of magic love to watch their favorite magician pull off magic tricks on television.  With the recent increase of popularity in street magic, there has been a lot more magic on television.  Criss Angel and David Blaine have brought a lot of publicity and mainstream news attention to magic.  David Blaine's stunts on television were some of the highest rated programs on television for the year 2008.  Criss Angel's show "Mindfreak" was also a very popular television show.

When you are attempting to figure out how to learn to magic tricks, make sure you remember the most important aspect of all.  Have fun!  If you are struggling with a trick, forget about it and try a new one.  Do not let it get you down, focus on the tricks that are the most fun to learn and execute. 

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Magic Tricks Explained on Video

Everyone loves magic! It can be absolutely mind-blowing and miraculous, mysterious and often very funny and amusing. At the very least it can be very entertaining.

However, for those who are serious about learning how to do magic tricks and even aspire to the professional ranks, often find it difficult to learn great tricks, as most top magicians just won't tell them how their miracles are done. So what's an aspiring magician to do?

At Last! A host of Amazing Magic Tricks and routines, fully demonstrated and explained on video, so that they can be easily understood by anyone, whether they be complete beginner or seasoned professional magician.

A few days ago The Magic Touch announced the launch of an Exclusive Online Magic Club entitled, "The Inner Circle Monthly Magic Club".

The idea behind this new Magic Club was to bring the huge range of magic tricks, routines and tips from their already successful Monthly CD Course, to a more easily accessible online format. And so The Inner Circle Magic Club Membership site was formed.

The original "Ultimate Pro' Magic Course" consisted of 26 CD's in order to cater for the huge amount of content of photographs and large video files.

These were distributed as 2 CD's each month and shipped to the customer's postal address. This often meant up to 2 weeks delay in delivery, due to the various postal services of different countries and I for one hate having to pay for any item and have to wait for a week or more for delivery.

All of us magic nuts, from 9 to 90, get exciting about learning new tricks, but sadly that excitement tends to wear off when you have to wait as much as two weeks for delivery. - However, a solution is found!

Now the monthly magic videos can be viewed in the secure Member's Area of the club, almost immediately.

Having seen the vast array of professional Magic tricks and routines available to members over about 24 months or so, I can honestly say that the true value of this club to any aspiring magician is priceless.

However, I understand that the monthly offering of real professional magic costs members no more than a meal for two at your local restaurant.

Any top magician will tell you that the best magic is usually the simplest magic, as the audience tend to look for some sophisticated apparatus or try to detect some slick moves or difficult sleight of hand and are completely baffled and blown away by the simplest of routines often using ordinary everyday objects.

It's also important for magicians to build a reasonable repertoire of tricks and routines, because once you have performed just one little trick for friends or family, 'you are a magician', and no matter where you go people will expect you to do something magical.

So if you have ever performed just one magic trick, you had better start to build your repertoire and joining a magic club is a wise move and the real advantage of an online club is that the tricks are demonstrated and explained right there online and you can practice your amazing routines in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Over the months, members will learn all types of magic, including card tricks, rope tricks, coin tricks and money magic; tricks with newspapers and other everyday items like bottles, cups, spoons, string, keys, rings, handkerchiefs etc. - street magic and close-up magic suitable for today's "table hopping" and Corporate Event type of performance. There are also video instructions for professional stage and cabaret magic.

It is everything you could wish for in a serious professional private magic club, yet it is easily accessible to all those genuinely interested in the Magic Art, and at a very modest monthly membership fee.

This is No Trick, it's just Pure Magic!

Discover the secrets to hosts of Amazing Magic Tricks fully demonstrated and explained on Video by Johnnie Gentle at The Magic Touch Inner Circle Magic Club

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

How to Perform a Magic Trick

When it comes to being a magician or even learning the skills that help one effectively entertain their family and friends, knowing how to execute a few magic tricks becomes a very necessary part of the process. No matter how complicated or amazing the magic, there is always a secret that in many cases, is rather easy to achieve. Magic tricks have the power to captivate and fool an entire audience into thinking there is no way to explain what they have just seen. For onlookers, not knowing the secret is part of the entertainment - once the secret has been revealed - the trick has lost most of its appeal. But for magicians and other performers, knowing the secret is part of the delight that comes with achieving magic.

A wide range of interested parties uses magic to their advantage. Some people, such as magicians and clowns, use magic as their main source of income. Others, like the simple hobbyist, enjoy being the life of the party or center of attention when they are able to entertain their peers with magic. Self-working magic tricks involves effects that do not demand a high level of skill. Instead, they are usually learned rather quickly. Many people consider the magic tricks based on simple principles as some of the best.

When learning a magic trick, there are many different factors to consider. Depending on the level of difficulty, practice does make perfect. Some people must develop the ability to use their hands, body language, and even their words to direct onlookers into believing in the magic trick. While many magic tricks use the same technique or basic foundation, not all performances are the same. Whenever a coin disappears or a magician pulls a rabbit out of his or her hat, there is a certain level of showmanship that makes or breaks the delivery. This is why it is important to work on presentation skills so that one may further mesmerize a crowd.
Magicians just starting out in the business generally learn magic tricks that involve coins and cards. The abracadabra and sleight of hands associated with coin tricks, helps make them one of the most popular forms of magic. In order to master most coin tricks, one must possess a certain amount of dexterity pertaining to their ability to use their hands to successfully perform a trick. If you move too slow or too obvious, the secret is blown.

After reading a step-by-step instruction on how to perform a certain magic trick, it may take a little while to get the hang of. While some budding magicians take a few hours to understand the mechanics of a trick, others could spend days learning the same. It is important to correctly perform the magic trick or else the secret to the magic becomes too obvious. Before bragging about your trick, it is suggested to test your newfound knowledge on a family member. If they ask you how you were able to "make their card appear out of thin air," then you know you have done well.

While card and coin magic tricks are interesting to learn, there are many other simple selections to add to your repertoire that utilize other objects as part of the main theme. In the Color-Changing Handkerchiefs trick, a magician makes the audience believe they have the power to transform a handkerchief of one color into another by simply pushing it through their hand.

The Chinese Linking Rings trick uses solid rings as part of a classic magic trick of illusion. Magicians, who sometimes use fancy costumes, music, and other gimmicks, show that they can make solid rings appear to link and unlink many times. Some people will use money to perform a magic trick, such as switching a $1 bill with a $100 bill, and making ripped dollars become whole again.

With one of the oldest recorded magic tricks in history, the Great Pyramids of Egypt show the ins and outs of the Cups and Balls trick, which includes the use of stackable plastic or metal cups and small balls. In a trick known to some as the Professor's Nightmare, three unequal lengths of rope are used to perform magic where in the end - each piece of rope becomes the same length.

In regards to magic, the possibilities are never-ending and it is important to remember that no two magicians will perform the same trick and reach the same reaction. Careful practice and patience is needed in the world of magic and in no time, you can move from simple tricks of sight to making things disappear and reappear before the eyes of your audience.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Learn Cool Magic Tricks in a Snap

If you've always wanted to dazzle people with your magic trick skills, now you can easily with so many books, DVDs and products to teach you how. With so many online resources, it's easier than ever to buy magic trick products and to research how to perform tricks. Even if you never plan to become the next David Blaine, Criss Angel or David Copperfield, you can certainly give your friends and family a laugh at dinner parties!

Top Tricks and Products

There are hundreds of products available on the Web whether you're an amateur or striving to become a professional stage or street magician. Accessories include items such as multi-compartment trick bags, lifelike animals, egg bags, crochet balls, magic sleeves, mouth coil, manipulation card decks, Chinese coins, double-sided quarters and dollars, instant flower vases and more. These products can greatly enhance your magic show, whether performing on stage or in front of a small group of friends. These also include some magic tricks kids can do, so you can learn tricks now while spending quality time with your kids.

If you're interested in rope magic, consider buying a magician's rope. This works wonders for any rope routine, and the ropes are available in several colors. There's also the stiff rope or the rope-to-silk product to really "wow" your friends. For silk tricks, there are many colors of silk handkerchiefs made from high-quality Italian silk. These come in sizes of 18 inches or 24 inches, or you can buy diamond-cut silk patches that are 12 inches. There are also silk streamers, silk $100 bills, silk dye tubes, etc. to do amazing silk tricks.

Stage magic products are available online if you want to learn top magic tricks for a larger audience. These include flower blooming bouquets, linking rings, mouth coil glitter, magic bingo, juggling balls, color-changing vests, rings of smoke, airborne illusion products, magically appearing items (poles, canes, pencils, etc.), astonishing rice, astrospheres, and many other stage magic items. You'll also find New Age magic trick products, special interest, mentalism magic, and The Craft ideas to promote your interests.

Training for Tricks

For magician training, consider ordering DVDs that reveal step-by-step instructions for magic tricks you can do, such as "1 Deck 14 Tricks 24 Hours" by Matthew J. Dowden or "100 Foot Rope Tie Challenge" by Jay Leslie. There are many DVDs and books revealing tricks for beginners or professional magicians. Some training materials offer tips on the actual presentation, words and body language to use, and how to captivate your audience. For instance, some tricks will come across as boring without a charismatic personality behind them. So as you learn card tricks or any other tricks, practice your presentation, speech and body language as well to enhance your performance.

Consider learning magic tricks if you want to earn extra income. It's a great way to have fun while making money, and you can perform for local birthday parties, charity functions, family gatherings and clubs. Use these ideas to learn cool magic tricks that you've always wanted to learn since a kid!

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Learn Magic Tricks to Earn a Part-Time Income

Magic tricks are a blast to learn and practice just for fun, but have you ever thought of turning your love for magic and illusions into a means to earn a part-time income?  You don't have to be one of the great magicians of the day to make some extra money....Copperfield, Houdini, Derren Brown....they all started somewhere! Besides, magic tricks appeal to variety of age groups and types of people so you can always find a paying audience. Children and adults alike are intrigued with magic shows, from simple street magic tricks to elaborate performances with illusions such as those conducted by Copperfield.

One great benefit of learning magic tricks is you don't have to copy one particular style.  Mix and match the magic tricks you learn to offer variety to your audience. If you plan to use your talents to entertain kids, go for simple magic tricks they can understand.  As for adults, they are usually intrigued by all types of magic.  Just keep your audience in mind when preparing for performances.  Your attire and conduct should reflect the type of audience you'd like to attract.  Will your show be humorous, sarcastic or serious?  Will it be family friendly?

Ideas for Making Money with Magic Tricks

A couple of quick ways to make money are to advertise for birthdays and/or family gatherings.  Promote birthday magic trick shows year round.  Then consider tweaking your promotions when holidays roll around.  July 4th and Memorial Day grill-outs, office parties, Easter and Halloween activities for kids all call for clean, fun entertainment. Even those who are planning to host a bachelor party or a large corporate business convention may welcome your talents.  Magic shows can appeal to a wide range of audiences and events in or near your local area.  Leave business cards at restaurants, local clubs and businesses to get the word out to others.

When just starting out, offer a free demonstration to those who are considering using your services. Provide several tricks as a sample of what you can do.  You might consider volunteer work for fundraising events to make a name for yourself in the community, and pass out flyers or business cards to the attendees.  Volunteer at local children's homes or nursing homes.  These always welcome free entertainment to brighten someone's day!

Order Unique Magic Trick Resources Online

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned magician, you can easily use online resources to learn new skills.  Books and DVDs about David Blaine magic tricks, Criss Angel magic tricks, street magic tricks, Paul Harris, Derren Brown, Harry Houdini, etc. are readily available on the Web at affordable prices.  These reveal secrets of magic greats and enable you to study their methods.  View material from past programs, read articles about magicians, and use the Internet to research how some of the greats perform their tricks and how their personalities are reflected in their acts.  This will give you an idea of how to appeal to your audience while maintaining all your secrets!

You can also find great props online to use in your act such as crochet balls, sponge balls, brass rings, rings of smoke, magic decks of cards, magic pens, putty, foam products, cylinders, magic knives, mental telepathy cards, etc.  Use unique props to engage your audience with tricks they've probably never seen before. They'll be amazed at what you can do and will recommend you to friends and family.

Make the most of your magic trick hobby with these income ideas.  Whether you want to earn part-time revenue working just a couple of shows a month, or turn your hobby into a full-time endeavor, magic trick resources on the Web will equip you with the knowledge and materials needed for success.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Awesome Magic Tricks to Learn

You can pay too much at the magic store for cheap gimmicks just to get the trick information, or maybe you hunt endlessly for awesome magic tricks at the local library or online at places that aren't descriptive enough or don't provide magic tricks suitable for anyone of any talent type or any age. Beginner magic tricks, Advanced tricks, Expert tricks, all types of amazing magic tricks can be instantly at your fingertips.
Magic is a great way to let loose, and become more comfortable with your surroundings. It can help you discover how social you really are, and impress everyone you meet. You can even use magic to meet your soul mate or to make some friends. Whatever your case is, magic is for entertainment. Many of you expect to pay hefty prices for quality entertainment, but what if I told you that you don't have to pay unreasonable amounts for these awesome magic anymore? What if you could have full access to endless tricks, detailed instructions, videos and more?

Maybe you are looking for awesome magic tricks that puzzle, and astonish your audience. This is one of the largest magic databases on the internet giving you access to information on how to make your own gimmicks and not pay a fortune for the gimmick and not knowing how sturdy the gimmick is. Street Magic, Card Tricks, Beginners Magic, Professional tricks and stage magic; whatever you may be looking for is right here at the tips of your fingers.

Set yourself up with everything you need for a performance of a lifetime. Impress those around you. Find information on angles and preparations to help your magic go over smoothly and without hassle. Some of your spectators will act differently than others. There are people out there who believe that you are not using illusion and that you are using real magic in order to make a trick work.

Magic shows and magicians help people who do not believe in magic to expand their imagination a bit more. Many people in the world today could use a lift and reminder that things are not always what they seem. Magic is a great way to make people think like children again and give them the imaginations they once had where they can believe anything is possible for just a second longer.

Performing awesome magic tricks can be easier than you think. Magic is about speed, distraction, and precision. If you are learning your first beginner magic tricks here then get ready to stun your audience. has detailed information on the magic tricks they have, they have information so you can create your own gimmicks, and save money in the long run on all of your magic needs.
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